Research projects offered as TFG in Physics (Degree in Physics at UAB University) 2017

TITLE: Using light to study new materials for electronics

Brief description of the objectives

In our lab we are investigating new materials for applications in information technologies. One of our research lines aims at modulating the information stored in magnetic moments by the application of electric field pulses that, in turn, generate strain waves that stretch/squeeze locally the ferromagnet and change its magnetic state. We study these phenomena optically: the student will be trained in optical imaging and spectroscopy.

Brief description of the methodology

The candidate will have access to our advanced optical laboratory, which includes optical spectroscopy and high-resolution imaging tools. The candidate will follow an intensive training, so as to ensure a solid understanding of the techniques. The student will be acquainted with state-of-the art techniques that allow real-space mapping of optical responses with diffraction limitation That allows the visualization of features below the micron down to just a few of hundreds of nanometers, enabling direct imaging of small devices and high sensitivity to magnetic fields. The optical lab at ICMAB is suited to visualize plasmon propagation in real space as well as in reciprocal space, i.e., plasmonic and photonic band dispersions can be obtained from throughout near-IR to near-UV frequencies.

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