October 2022:

Job Opportunity, PhD, “Light-matter interactions in quantum solid-state nanodevices

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Project title: Light-matter interactions in quantum solid-state nanodevices


DEADLINE: 30 October

This project intends to exploit vibronic states (electron plus lattice modes) to explore quantum physics in transition metal compounds.

The manipulation of quantum states using light is of interest for applications in quantum
technologies, particularly, the control of spin states in solids and molecules using electromagnetic fields. Recently, we found optical signatures of spin-inversion driven by light
in some manganites (Ref. [1]). Furthermore, using a group-theoretical approach, we have
been able to describe accurately the microscopic processes that enable a control of the spin
using electromagnetic fields (Ref. [2]). Crucial ingredients are spin-orbit coupling and JahnTeller instabilities related to strong coupling of electronic and phononic degrees of freedom.
In the present project we intend to further develop this research along the following
a) Use (magneto)-optical spectroscopy to analyse the properties of a wide range of
materials in which spin-orbit coupling and Jahn-Teller physics is relevant. These
include, among others, single and multilayered manganites, cuprates and heavy
transition metal compounds. The objective is to identify materials where spin-photon
coupling is most efficient.
b) Study the dynamics of light-matter interactions in these solids using ultrafast optical
spectroscopy. The objective is to analyse the lifetime of optically induced excitations
and their dynamics down to the femtosecond scale. This will be done in the frame of
an ongoing collaboration with Dr. Allan Johnson (ICFO).
c) Develop nano/mesoscopic devices that exploit electromagnetic control of spin states.
We propose electric transport modulation by electromagnetic fields at resonance
frequencies where spin inversion occurs. The objective is to develop quantum
nanodevices where spins are controlled by light.
The present project aims at expanding the range of quantum materials, with emphasis on the
use of light to modulate and control their properties.
[1] Casals et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 026401 (2016)
[2] A.S. Miñarro, G. Herranz, Phys. Rev. B 106, 165108 (2022)

Job Opportunity, Postdoc, “Spin-charge conversion in quantum paraelectric interfaces

Position offered (description)

We offer a position for a postdoctoral researcher in the framework of the project “Heavy Element-Free Green Electronics (HEGEL)” to be developed at the Laboratory of Multifunctional Oxides and Complex Structures ( within ICMAB.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

Magneto-transport and spin pumping (FMR) experiments performed in devices patterned with optical and e-beam lithography, defined in oxide interfaces grown by PLD (in-situ RHEED).  The successful candidate will be involved in materials preparation (thin film growth, optical/e-beam lithography) and magnetotransport/FMR characterization and modelling.


  • PhD degree in Physics or Materials Science or related disciplines.
  • A good knowledge of English is required.
  • Documented skills of communicating science


  • The contract will be full time.
  • Duration of 24 months with possibility of extension.
  • The starting date will be from December 2022/Early 2023

How to apply

The selection process will be continuous until a good candidate is found.

Interested persons can send an email to attaching:

  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Contact details of a reference persons.

ICMAB is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities.